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Maria Concha is a Mindset + Manifestation Coach, Speaker and founder of "Manifesting Ninja", a global wellness community that empowers women to go beyond all limitations and manifest a life of more Self-belief, Confidence and Abundance with ease. After a decade of doing this work, she has created a manifesting method that is accessible and flexible for people looking to feel the positive benefits.

What you think, you become. What you imagine, you create. What you feel, you attract.

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The Ultimate 4 Day Challenge To Get Unstuck & get into Manifesting Momentum! (free)

you're feeling a bit stuck

You're frustrated by a lack of focus, results and purpose lately.

You haven't been making the most aligned + healthiest choices.

You haven't been consistent with the habits that help you feel nourished and energized.

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Maria is truly AMAZING! Life Changing experience!!

I took both her courses and hired her as a business coach. It's been one of the best investments I've done for myself personally and for my business. I Manifested amazing clients. I gained the confidence to allow myself to be open to creative possibilities in all areas of my life and to let go and allow things to flow with ease. 

Massiel M

Every woman out there needs this program! 

The Academy was amazing. A lot of things in my past were affecting me, but Maria helped me overcome that. I manifested my business and started to achieve wonderful things since. Maria is very authentic and caring about each one of her students. I would recommend this program to anyone, a million times.

Marzia E

Maria is simply AMAZING!

Not only is she your number one cheerleader, she is straight-up honest to not letting you get back to your old ways in order to change your life. I learned so many things about myself in the Academy and it brought so much light to where I want to take my life. I surrendered to doing things I never would have done before! I would 100% recommend the Academy to other women.

Liza M

CFO & Business advisor

real estate agent + investor

Wedding + event planner

It was a life-changing experience.

The Manifesting Ninja Academy provided me with the tools and support I needed to reprogram my negative thought patterns and adopt healthier mindset habits. Maria is a highly skilled manifesting coach who genuinely cares about her clients, and that shows in her commitment to their personal growth and transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Maria.

Danielle C

Maria's program is a much-needed and highly recommended investment

I found myself in a rut last July and committed to finding a coach. Never having had a coach before, I was skeptical. Within six weeks, I completely changed the way I saw certain things in my life, and broke through limiting beliefs I had been working through for years. It was worth every penny invested. Maria is a beautiful soul with a genuine desire to do good in this world and for women everywhere.

Shireen J

Working with Maria has been the best investment I have made in myself!

Ever since I started working with Maria my results have been amazing. She will work with you to see alignment in the things life throws at you. I have been able to manifest money…YASSS!!! The most important result for me has been the clarity and calmness I feel internally. I no longer feel stressed or chaotic inside and when I do, I know I have the tools to realign to the greatness in my life.

Jessica R

senior project manager

ceo - builder & investor

business coach

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1:1 Coaching

Work privately with Maria to uncover and heal the parts of you that have deeply and unconsciously held you back from manifesting your true desires.


The Manifesting Retreat

Transform and heal your most challenging limiting beliefs and emotions into a force of power + purpose with a group of incredible women in COSTA RICA, Jan 2024! 


Manifesting Ninja Academy

The entire foundation to heal and reprogram limiting beliefs and patterns that block you from manifesting your desires.


Dream Business Mastermind

If you’ve been overworking, under-earning, feeling stressed about money, and struggling to figure out what you can do differently, this opportunity is for YOU. I’ll show you the exact steps to go from where you are right now to building your profitable business in less than a year.


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Mindset + Manifestation Coach, Speaker and founder of Manifesting Ninja

And now I live a life beyond my wildest dreams, and I teach women how to create their version of this!

Born and raised in Queens, New York, growing up on welfare with a single mom, "struggle city" was my norm. I overcame (and still healing ❤️) child abuse, neglect, scarcity/lack mindset, horrifying deaths, drug- dealer incarcerated dad, having 20 + jobs before 23 years old and on my own at 16. This was the story I knew and lived until I stepped in & changed my narrative.


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