For those who only see who I am today...This was me 15 years ago…

I was carrying so much unhealed trauma from neglect, abuse and being on my own as a teenager and unfortunately I didn’t have the proper support or guidance. I lacked the clarity, self-belief and confidence to see and pursue a better life so don’t let the smile in the pic fool ya. I was broke, living pay-check to pay-check and had taken a trip to Cali with maybe $100 to my name, "FUN" 😖. I had gotten so used to the fear in my body, that it seemed normal. I was trying so hard to be grateful for everything that I had, but the truth was that I was living in a small room that I rented from total strangers, working multiple jobs, barely making ends meet, tired and exhausted. I was so disconnected from my purpose and joy that I couldn't even think of a bigger picture. At the time, I really just wanted 4 things…stability, more money to pay my bills, health insurance and a loving partner which all felt very far away.

Let me take
it back

I was struggling with anxiety, doubt and worry, on fight or flight mode at ALL times.

Growing up on welfare and food stamps, I developed a scarcity mindset.

My A-HA moment!

I thought I had to hustle my ass off just to get-by because that’s what I saw growing up but at some point I was exposed to the most abundant people I had ever met, who had a completely different life than I did. I met them while working as a front desk gal at a celebrity dermatology office. These people were so far from struggling (financially, that is), it was inspiring! From my perspective it looked like they were living life on their terms and I was all for it! I was fascinated by the idea of living life on my own terms and although it seemed almost impossible at the time, I knew I had to learn more. I was fortunate enough to be guided and influenced by a few wonderful humans in that office who I will forever be indebted to because they helped me beyond what I even think they knew at the time. From that moment on it was GAME-ON! 

And so I invested years of my life into reprogramming my subconscious mind, my limiting beliefs, stories and energies that had been holding me back and transforming them into empowering ones. I mastered how to catch the stories that didn’t serve me and reprogram them instantly. I practiced LOA (Law of Attraction) every damn day. I said NO to anything that didn’t align with the life I wanted. I only showed up for anything that made me feel good. I became fiercely unapologetic about manifesting big ass goals. I learned how to heal and release parts of me that were filled with trauma and pain. I learned how to master the f*ck outta my mind.

While also...

Being flexible and forgiving myself when I didn’t show up. Patient and compassionate when I entertained old limiting habits. Kind with my self talk when I felt “off track”. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about showing up for yourself with love and compassion no matter what! It’s about committing to unlearning the stuff that no longer serves you because you know what you are really worth. It’s about investing in people, places, books, experiences that will support your expansion and what you came here to BE & do. It’s about knowing that you have access to manifest so much greatness and tapping into that because you CAN...AT ANY POINT. Even when sh*t hits the fan. I have equipped myself with the tools that help me thrive despite the hardships. I don't like just sharing the happy times, because that would be a completely inaccurate depiction of my life and success. And it's not what got me here. 

So let me share with you my manifestations but also the struggles I was facing as well, so you can see that you are wildly capable of holding the RUPTURE (when your heart is completely broken and you are gutted) and the RAPTURE (pure joy, bliss and love!) in your body, if you learn how to. 

[15 years] ago I wouldn’t even dare to dream about a life like this.

A few of my manifestations since getting on this path

⚡️Manifested multiple purpose-driven, successful businesses that give me location and financial freedom to show up in the world as my truest self WHILE ALSO working endless multiple jobs, lot’s of debt, no health insurance, having lost my nephew in a horrifying way and not having the support financially and emotionally.

⚡️Manifested my beautiful nature home, surrounded by enchanting tree’s, grass, beautiful flowers, animals and, best of all, our amazing pup Charlie running wild 🐾 WHILE ALSO losing my sister to a 7 year cancer battle that left the biggest hole in my heart imaginable and being diagnosed with Lupus.

⚡️Manifested amazing, supportive souls whom I can count on and can continue to grow with WHILE ALSO letting go of old friendships and habits that no longer served me.
⚡️Manifested the most beautiful soulmate, a partner in life who compliments, elevates and supports my dreams and together we grow! We’re UNSTOPPABLE even after 12 years, honestly it only gets better WHILE ALSO being scared sh*t that it wouldn’t work out, trying to run away from the relationship more times than I can count, having so many triggers and pain points show up, having my absent dad try to come around after 20+ years, deciding not to speak with my mom any longer, working through my sexual abuse.
⚡️Manifested inner-healing from past trauma and wounds, which opened me up to living a life wilder than my biggest dreams 🥹WHILE ALSO in deep mourning, struggling with depression, showing up for my household, showing up for my business, showing up for myself at times with just the basics.

I just wanted to change my life for the better back then, better than what I had growing up. The lens in which I viewed the world at the time didn't really allow me to dream bigger. But the thing I did know was that the struggle wouldn’t end unless I stepped in and changed the narrative. And here I am.

Today I help thousands of women around the world (pinch me!) manifest their version of this and even juicer! We were never meant to do any of this alone and it is my honor to share all that has helped me thrive so that you too can thrive, regardless of what is happening in your life.

Here's the thing, when I first started my journey, I didn’t even dream about these big, amazing things happening in my life.

You are deserving.

You are worthy,

You are f*cking amazing.

But none of that matters UNLESS YOU BELIEVE IT.


Schitts Creek + Fleabag (reminds me of my sis)



French fries + NY Pizza


Costa Rica!


What is meant for you will not pass you by.


Actress, writer, producer (it never leaves you, ha!)


Good company + good food + laughter + nature


I have a unique sense of humor (thanks to my bro + sis) and I am terrified of public speaking in all settings, especially intimate ones. 


Small talk and gossip (yawn!)


"Working with Maria changed and shifted my life in the most beautiful ways."

Rikki B

"I gained clarity, stability, grounding, presence and a sense of self. I manifested my dream house, a beautiful 5 acre ranch with mountain views! I manifested my dream man, now my husband. I manifested my way of being, centered, present, grounded and whole. I manifested my dream career as an empowerment, intimacy & sex coach. I am forever changed and transformed in the most incredible way. I am forever grateful. And would 100% YES recommend working with Maria, she guided me in the most incredible transformation of my life. "


"Maria has a gift and in a short amount of time, she can help you tune into your highest self."

Shelly W

"This work has allowed me to become disciplined, more aware and I now practice self-love. Maria is an exceptional coach, she will help you tap into your highest self so you can get into alignment and find your purpose.I highly recommend working with her!" 

Executive Functioning Coach

"Maria...oh wow...I have no words! She is the most amazing coach and person I have ever come across."

Ingrid B.

"Her knowledge, insight and just how she unravels your different layers as a person is truly a gift. I have learned that we create so many barriers in life, tell ourselves so many negative stories that we tend to be our own worst enemy and if we just take a step back that things can be re-written into the most positive and beautiful stories ever - it's all up to us in the end and I can live any life I envision. This experience has given me so much to look forward to and the support received by Maria, her team and all the other women in the program was experience I will never forget!"

Online Business Owner

"I worked 1:1 with Maria and I’ve awakened the energy and light that I lost for a while." 

Gardenia D

"Doing the work and learning the tools that best serve me, all while being supported by Maria in the journey. I started working with Maria when I thought I was burning out, yet I was already at burnout. Maria knows how to peel back the layers, understands our journey in all aspects and is inspirational. I’m back on all levels, aligned with what I want and unapologetically receiving my dreams! I would absolutely recommend working with Maria."

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